Jordan O’Neill, Ph.D.

Jordan O’Neill, Ph.D.
Being raised on a diversified commercial swine and beef cattle operation in eastern North Carolina instilled a passion in Dr. O’Neill to help livestock producers optimize their production goals using their unique resources and an entire agriculture systems approach. This practical production experience coupled with opportunities to show livestock and reining horses across the U.S., led Dr. O’Neill to pursue an undergraduate degree at Kansas State University and Master’s degree in ruminant nutrition at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Dr. O’Neill later returned to North Carolina to receive her Ph.D. in ruminant nutrition at North Carolina State University, where she also gained first hand beef cattle ownership and management experience with her husband by purchasing, growing, and marketing stocker calves. All of the knowledge, experiences, and personal connections Dr. O’Neill has acquired inspired her to assist as many livestock producers as possible to be profitable and thrive under any unique conditions.
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Trenton, NC
Territories Serviced: MO, TN, KY, NC, VA