September – October (2015)

Culling Cows that Aren’t Profitable (Zeb Prawl)
It is important to sell a cow when she is no longer profitable to the ranch. Recommendations and points to consider such as getting rid of open cows, examining eyes, bad udders, feet and leg soundness, wild cattle, potential production for another year, and culling when in moderate body condition.
High Moisture Corn (HMC) Management (Jeremy Martin)
HMC benefits are apparent for both farming and feeding operations but success is in the details. Points to consider when putting up HMC should be most importantly the correct moisture content and timing things right, processing HMC with a hammer mill or roller mill and the benefits of each, correctly packing the pile, and whether an inoculant is a good option considering your operation and value of corn.


September - October (2015)